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There’s a pretty big saying in the world that goes...
“You Shouldn’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover”
and while this sounds nice, this isn’t even really possible for the most part.

The actual truth is that we all judge books by their covers and it’s not even our fault.

Our brains are actually hard wired to judge everything we see without us even having to think about it.

This way, if you saw someone who looked dangerous or you saw some bushes moving around, you would know to get away as fast as possible so you could live.

Or if someone gives you a gift, you feel like you want to do something for them too so you don’t get “kicked out of the tribe for being stingy.”

All of these have to do with how our ancestors lived but all of that stuff is still in our brains today.
These are called “Cognitive Biases.” Different ways that our brains operate automatically. You don’t have to think about it, this just happens whether you like it or not.

And one of the most important biases that men should know if they want to improve their dating lives is the “Attractiveness Bias.”

What is that?

Now don’t shoot the messenger on this one, but basically, it means we have a tendency to see attractive people as more intelligent, competent, moral, and sociable than unattractive people.

Even if they don’t actually have any of those qualities. It’s pretty crazy stuff.
The scientists who did the studies on this found out that… 
  • ​Cuter babies would get more attention from their mothers
  • Judges and juries will be more lenient if the person on trial was more attractive
  • The more attractive person is more likely to get hired
  • ​More attractive people tend to make more money
  • People will be much nicer to attractive people
  • ​And like I said, if you’re more attractive, you’ll get more attention from the opposite sex
This should go without saying but people tend to be idealistic about this topic but it’s just facts.

So many people will tell you to just be yourself, don’t change anything about what you’re doing, and to just find someone who will accept you for exactly who you are and the people who preach this kind of stuff mean well…

But it’s just not realistic.

If I stayed exactly how I was before and never changed, I never would have started doing calisthenics heavily, posting on youtube, and you would never know who I was.

I never would have been able to help you with your fitness journey.

Another example would be a drug addict.

No one in their right mind would suggest that they shouldn’t make any improvements to their life.
The Truth is That There’s Nothing Wrong With Seeing Areas in Your Life That Could Use Some Improvement, Seeking Out The Knowledge to Make That Happen, and Then APPLYING IT
Because like I said before, when you improve your attractiveness as a man… you don’t just get more women…

You get treated better by the world as a WHOLE. You just do.

And as a man, you actually have more control over this than you think.

Because you may not be able to change your face, your height, or the size of other things… But you CAN…
  • ​Make more money
  • ​Improve your style
  • Work on your personal hygiene
  • ​And the most important thing… improve your physique
Your Physique is Super Important Because This is The Key to So Many Things Other Than Attractiveness
  • ​Your self confidence will improve
  • ​You’ll become much healthier
  • ​You’ll have way more energy
  • ​The discipline from working out consistently will translate into other areas of your life
  • ​You’ll get much more respect from others
  • ​And if you do it RIGHT, you’ll stand out from so many other men because most guys don’t know how to exercise in a way that makes them the most attractive
You see, most guys just lift any sort of way. They’re not thinking about sculpting their body in a specific way so that they can achieve a certain kind of look.

All they know is that they want bigger arms, a bigger chest, and some abs. That’s it.

I even had this mindset at one point but after so many years of training and seeing how my body was shaping based on what I was doing, I was able to be much more focused.

And if you want to maximize your attractiveness, it’s going to take a much more focused approach to your training that a lot of guys aren’t doing simply because they don’t know or don’t care.

But if this is something you want to do, then I’m excited to introduce you to The Aesthetic Blueprint course that you see right here on this page.
Aesthetic Body Principles
For starters, I’ll teach you about what sort of goals you should be going after in order to reach your ideal of attractiveness. Because at the end of the day, all of our bodies are going to look different…

But as long as you hit these certain parameters and focus on these specific aesthetic goals, you’ll hit your own peak potential and you’ll sculpt your body as if you were Michelangelo himself.
Aesthetic Training Principles
Then, I’ll teach you what you should be doing in your training in order to achieve these aesthetic parameters that we’ve set.

Consider these your aesthetic training principles.

It’s going to be very simple so it’ll be easy to apply and stick to long term, but more importantly, it’s going to be VERY effective in helping you achieve an aesthetic physique.
The Price of "The Aesthetic Blueprint" is
only $19 dollars.
Only $9 to permanently change the way you look and feel?

You should be jumping up and down for joy right now. In fact, buying should be a no brainer.

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Regular Price: $97
Today's Launch Special Price: Only $19
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One of the best parts about being in shape is that you tend to become the friend in the group who inspires others to do better.

They even come to you with their fitness questions and you get to help them! (Not to mention the attention from the ladies).
Case Study #1 - William Santiago
"Because of Austin, I've been able to take my Calisthenics to a level that I never thought I would have been able to get to. 

Through his BodyWeight teachings and philosophies, I've been able to get to a point where I'm way stronger than I've ever been before...Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, AND Spiritually."
THIS Is The Fastest Way To See Results
This is the kind of program that can be used anywhere.


Because it's entirely on your phone. Not only that, but most of the exercises are ones that can be done in your own house!
Who This Blueprint IS For?
  • Serious guys who want the fastest path to getting that amazing body of your dreams
  • Those who are coachable. (You know how to learn from those who have gotten the results that you currently want)
  • You want a better life. (You're sick and tired of wishing for your dreams and want to take action on them instead)
Who This Blueprint IS NOT For?
  • Whiners or Complainers
  • ​Those who don't take action
  • Those who don't believe they are worth an investment
  •  Those who won't actually follow the routine
I Want To Give You This Fast Action Bonus Too, For FREE
(But only if you take action today)
The Aesthetic Exercise Guide
This is where I’ll show you all of my personal favorite exercises that I do in order to improve my aesthetics.

Because you can definitely apply these training principles to any exercise, but there are a few that are just amazing when it comes to accomplishing this goal.

And Like I said, you’ll have this added to your order for 100% Free!

All you have to do is click the button below to sign up and it will be automatically added to your membership area when you log in.
Regular Price: $97
Today's Launch Special Price: Only $19
Check Below To See If The Discount Is Still Available...
Case Study #2 - Brandon Mizell
"I've only been on the program for 6 months and already have the results that I want.

I'm walking proof that his program works and it works WONDERS. Trust me, the program works."
Regular Price: $97
Today's Launch Special Price: Only $19
Check Below To See If The Discount Is Still Available...
Case Study #3 - Sean Dollwet
"In just 1 year I was able to go from being skinny, to being able to do a one arm pull up following Austin's program. I've tried various other programs before and nothing gets you results like this, this quickly.

Not only am I more fit, I'm stronger and so much more functional."
I wish some one did this for me while I was trying to learn all of this. It would have made my life so much easier. And...

I'm sure by now you're wondering, "Is there a guarantee?"
Of course there's a guarantee. It would be hard to trust me if I didn't guarantee my program works right? Exactly.
Here's the way I see it. Let's say you get "The Aesthetic Blueprint" 

One of two things will happen, You'll start getting the results you want, and your life will change forever.

You'll know exactly what is required of you at all times when you're working out.

You'll have a sense of power knowing that everything you do is right on the money.


You spend the rest of your life guessing and trying to piece together all of the information from the internet.

The choice is yours...
"The Aesthetic Blueprint" will...
  • ​Help you learn what it takes to an Aesthetic Physique by downloading the knowledge you need into your mind
  • Build your confidence by giving you a new skill and helping you accomplish your fitness goals
  • ​Help you understand the "Golden Ratio" so that you can use this knowledge to sculpt your physique like a Greek God
  • Give you peace of mind because you know you're no longer wasting your time in the gym
  • Give you proven and tested training methods that help you specifically with aesthetics
  • ​And even give you the most effective exercises so that you can be ahead of the game
Regular Price: $97
Today's Launch Special Price: Only $19
Check Below To See If The Discount Is Still Available...
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