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Hey guys, my name’s Austin and here’s my stuff!

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Soundcloud: On my stream in my profile for ds106, I have reposted a song that I wrote (I made a new soundcloud exclusively for this class).  Go check it out!

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I chose the theme I’m using because it’s simple, but it’s got some style to it.  It’s pretty minimalistic, and easy to navigate.  I set it up so that sidebar links/widgets are put on the right sight, but I’m thinking about moving them to the left.  I think they might look better on the left because the background on the left is black.  Content would then be in the white space and sidebar options would be in the black.  It would visually differentiate the two!  So maybe I’ll do that.


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First week is over! Yay!   This week I learned some pretty valuable things about this class.  Dr. Polack, you were right, there is a lot of work!  I seriously unerestimated how much I’d need to do this week and procrastinated.  I certainly won’t be doing that again any time soon!

I am really excited to learn about and work on my own web identity and meet everyone in the class.  I don’t think I’m really dreading anything about the class, but I am not typically a very communicative person, or a social media person.  All of this is very new to me, but I’m excited for this new experience for sure.